Who’s the most important Islander ever?

Today on Twitter a question arose surrounding current Charlottetown Islanders captain Pierre-Olivier Joseph. The question was as follows: https://twitter.com/IslesStats/status/930842855605616643 To make a long story short, I refused to answer that specific question because I feel like it's article material, and I'm nowhere near prepared enough to tackle that. Someday though... This conversation spun out of... Continue Reading →


Producing Sparkes

At the beginning of October, the Charlottetown Islanders filled a hole up front following the departure of Ontario signee Kyle West. Looking to replace the former Guelph Storm forward, the team put pen to paper on another Ontario free agent, former Oshawa General forward Sullivan Sparkes. The move was initially views as minor, however potentially... Continue Reading →

Three Winners!

Photo courtesy David Zalubowski / AP Some times, a trade just happens to benefit both parties. Very rarely do all parties win when there are more than two teams involved. That happened tonight. The Colorado Avalanche, Ottawa Senators, and Nashville Predators pulled the trigger on a massive trade that saw the Avalanche finally move Matt Duchene, receive the... Continue Reading →

Peaks and Valleys

The Toronto Maple Leafs surrendered their third straight loss in a row Monday with a 3-2 defeat to the San Jose Sharks. I didn't catch the game (For all those complaining about how late the game was, remember that in the Atlantic Time Zone the game didn't start for an extra hour, at 11:30), however... Continue Reading →

Hold up, JVR is far from outta here.

(Photo courtesy the Toronto Sun) The Toronto Maple Leafs have started the year exactly as the expectations from Leafs fans would have it: they've dominated games offensively, been suspect defensively, and are sitting near the very top of the standings. Things have been going so well that fans have been searching for things to argue... Continue Reading →

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